Three indoor air quality myths busted

Indoor air quality is a subject that is receiving plenty of attention in
the media and has also been discussed widely on public and industry platforms. The
rising incidence of carbon monoxide poisonings and methane gas issues has
brought the subject into the spotlight. Given the multiple perceptions that
exist in the public space as well as among building professionals, testo highlights three
common myths associated with the subject of indoor air quality.

1. Green buildings don’t promote
better health

This is completely false because green buildings built using green
materials and products will offer cleaner air and better health. Green
buildings also regulate temperatures more effectively and are more energy
efficient. However, toxic gases such as carbon monoxide can become trapped in
such buildings, and will therefore require heaters, air conditioning systems
and ventilation units to be constantly maintained and tested by professionals.

2. Poor indoor air quality
cannot be changed

Another false perception because indoor air quality is affected by a
number of factors; therefore, managing or changing each factor can positively influence
the quality of air. For instance, if the problem is related to a system or
network, a professional equipped with a detector will be able to highlight the
source of toxic gases and offer suitable solutions. If the issue is structural,
the walls and infrastructure can be removed and rebuilt to improve air
quality. Since this option is much more expensive, it’s recommended to have
professionals on board during the construction process.

3. All gas detectors are equal

Professionals specialising in investigating indoor air quality have
multiple options when looking for suitable gas detectors. There are a number of
devices designed to detect multiple gases, and featuring different functions such
as water and dirt resistance, alarm systems and data measurement among others.
Gas detectors must be selected based on the type of application and the
corresponding demands. Pricing of these devices is also variable and based on
their capabilities.

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