The many uses of refrigeration technology

Refrigeration technology is widely used across diverse sectors from catering
companies to medical suppliers. One of the lesser known applications of this
technology is in zoological scientific research.

Studies are being carried out by Bucknell University in the US and
the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research
Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia to better understand bats and

The research being conducted on campus in Pennsylvania involves the
study of the white-nose syndrome, a fungal disease, which has killed over six
million bats in North America alone. This study uses a temperature controlled
environment to recreate the bats’ natural habitat as the fungus occurs during
hibernation. Bats typically hibernate in dark, damp and cold spaces.

The scientists have created a refrigeration chamber with its temperature
constantly monitored and consistently checked through the use of a digital
thermometer and effective data loggers.

CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency is carrying out similar
research, which also relies heavily on creating artificial habitats that are as
close to the real thing as possible. CSIRO’s research has been examining the
potential of bats to fight human viruses. Bats are incredibly resistant to
airborne diseases that affect humans and have been found to be immune to Ebola,
SARS and even lesser conditions such as measles and mumps.

The research is based on the possibility that pathogens naturally harvested
by bats could be the key to finding the cure to various health issues that
currently affect the world population.

A controlled environment is key to the success of such an important research
study. The testo 176 P1, a pressure, temperature and humidity data logger can
better enable anyone in the field of scientific research to keep track of a
whole range of information. Changes in pressure, temperature and humidity can
all be accurately recorded with testo’s data loggers, ensuring only the most
ideal conditions are created in the perfect artificial environment.

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