testo releases flue gas analyser for commercial and domestic use

testo has launched a new range of flue gas analysers designed for use in
both commercial and domestic applications.

Boilers must be tested and adjusted constantly to ensure optimum
performance, maintain low energy consumption and reduce emissions. testo’s latest
330LL flue gas analysers offer advanced diagnostic features, never before
offered on instruments for domestic and commercial engineers.

Tuning has always been a time-consuming task in boiler maintenance, requiring
numerical values to make adjustments. A high resolution, colour graphic display
in the new testo 330LL flue gas analyser enables fast user-guided tuning and
analysis of boilers. The flue gas matrix screen shows the measurement
parameters, including CO and CO2 values, indicating the actual values relative
to ideal. If the values are not within the ideal zone, the user will be
provided instructions on the screen to make the required adjustments.

Key features of testo 330LL flue gas analysers include special long-life
sensors with extended sensor life of up to 6 years for O2 and CO sensors; reduced
frequency of sensor replacements lowering annual service costs for the user;
wireless Bluetooth connection and App capabilities for even more convenience; and
measurement menus provided for gas pipe tests, ambient CO/CO2 and gas rate for
comprehensive analysis of the boiler.

Offering heating engineers and fitters a complete solution for the
professional analysis of boilers, testo 330LL flue gas analysers also feature a
logger function for easy long-term recording of the measurement curve; graphic
processing of measurement data; diagnostic function using ‘traffic light’
presentation to enable comprehensive instrument diagnosis; pressure measurement
up to 300 mbar; user-defined fuels; powerful memory management up to 500,000
readings; USB interface for data readout to a PC software; and ZIV (Central
Guild Association) driver for all standard industry software packages.

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