Testo now offering super resolution on thermal imaging cameras

thermal cameras are used in a broad range of applications from checking
building structures, pinpointing location of underfloor leaks and inspecting
food production to detecting faulty seals, visualising areas for risk of mould,
or identifying faults in electrical systems.

excellent infrared image quality and featuring innovative technologies such as
Super Resolution, humidity measurement and solar mode, Testo infrared cameras can
identify weak spots and damage in a reliable, quick and contactless way.

is now offering the Super Resolution technology free on their thermal imaging

Resolution is a unique IR Soft technology feature that allows the user to
upgrade the resolution of their thermal images. For instance, the technology
allows image resolution on the 870, 875 and 875i cameras to be increased from
160 x 120 to 320 x 240. Thermal images taken on a Testo 870 entry level camera can
be transformed into high quality images that only advanced thermal cameras
could offer previously.

resolution thermal images allow users to view more abnormalities with greater
detail and reliability of measurement with geometrical resolution improved by a
factor of 1.6.

a thermal camera with Super Resolution technology will typically cost $633.60
inc GST. However, Testo’s special offer brings this technology with their
thermal imaging cameras absolutely free of charge.

thermal imaging cameras find wide application in various industries and are
available in models ranging from the entry level Testo 870 through to the
high-end Testo 890, ensuring there is a Testo camera for every budget and

Key features of Testo thermal imaging cameras also
include ergonomic design engineered for comfort, practicality and ease of use; large
display screen; and superb resolution and exceptional sensitivity as standard. 

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