Testo donate kit to give students real-life experience

Society has
never remained complacent with what it has. We’re constantly innovating and
creating technology that transcends boundaries, trying to better our community.
As such, Testo is constantly creating the tools that meet the needs of these
demanding times, and RMIT University is training the young minds to do it.

promise as an educational institution is to prepare its students for the real
world. These kids receive hands-on industry experience to develop skills that
they can work with all over the world through research and engagement. The
university’s strategic plan lays out values, goals, direction and priorities
for the industry as a whole, and for the students so they can succeed outside
of the classroom. Vocational courses, like refrigeration and air conditioning,
remain at the top of the school’s agenda to ensure that students keep pushing
the boundaries of innovation. At the end of the day, this institution is
shaping the world.

But they
can’t do it alone. This is where Testo comes in.

universities have practice tools that they claim are “similar to what it will
look like in the real world.” But why would you learn from a simulation,
when you could practice on the instruments that are used by the very
professionals that these students are trying to become? That’s what Testo asked
themselves. And to them, the solution was obvious – give students the real deal.
As such, the company donated a brand new electrical kit for teachers to share
with their students.

Senior Educator – Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Trevor
Jenkinson, who has been working at the university for over a
decade, says that in his time teaching, he has never seen a tool as useful
to his student’s development as Testo’s range of instruments. “These tools help
the students work smarter, not harder, as they can gather information faster
than ever before,” says Jenkinson. “That is a game changer both inside and
outside the institution.”

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