Testo Australia releases the affordable 869 Thermal Imaging Camera

Across facility management, technology represents the future of
productive, innovative and smart practices. However, for technology adoption to
be sustainable for Australian businesses, it must be accessible, highlighting
the value of Testo’s 869, an affordable entry-level thermal imaging camera. 

This instrument offers facility management professionals access to
industry-leading technology minus the extreme costs associated with many
thermal imaging cameras. Over recent years, thermal imaging has gained major
popularity across many industries, including architecture and energy, but these
solutions are often laden with features which are unnecessary in the industrial
or commercial environments. 

Affordable, yet practical solution

Testo Australia understand these concerns, and have worked with the
industry to develop the affordable testo 869 to complement our wide product
range. Whether professionals are looking to detect leaks, locate thermal
bridges or view overheated connections, the testo 869 has all the functionality
required for a high-quality thermal imaging camera, without the expensive
additional features. As such, our new product is perfect for use in both
industrial and commercial settings. 

Key features of the Testo 869 include:

  • Excellent
    functionality and valuable features for the busy professional 
  • High
    precision detection offering superior image quality of 19,200 temperature
    measuring points
  •  Comprehensive
    infrared resolution of 160 x 120 pixels
  • Thermal
    sensitivity of < 120 milli Kelvin (mK)
  •  Wide
    field of view (34 lens) providing excellent temperature distribution
  • Images
    can be saved and viewed on PC software as a JPEG file for future use
  • Full
    equipment package including pro-software, USB cable, power
    adaptor, Lithium-ion battery supplied 

Quick and reliable

When typical industrial and commercial professionals require instant
temperature analysis, they need a thermal camera that meets their requirements.
With the testo 869, all the expected functions and features for facility
management are included, eliminating unnecessary additions. This creates a
sophisticated and downsized camera that ticks all the boxes and does the job as

About Testo Australia

Testo Pty Ltd develops digital precision measuring instruments for the
food, health care, HVAC/R, emissions, indoor air quality and scientific
research industries. Specialising in digital tools, Testo develops emissions
analysers, temperature data loggers, thermal imaging cameras and other devices
to accommodate the needs of building managers in multiple sectors. To support
the modern worker, Testo is also investing in cloud services, mobile
accessibility and Wi-Fi connectivity, adding a responsive dimension to
technicians’ day-to-days.

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