Testo Australia achieves ISO 9001 accreditation

Reputed measurement solutions specialist Testo has received their ISO
9001 accreditation, further establishing the company’s leadership in the electronic
measurement market.

The ISO 9001 certification is an international standard that governs
quality management systems, and it serves as confirmation of Testo’s ability to
provide exceptionally well-made tools that fit customer requirements and
regulatory specifications. Testo has received their ISO 9001 accreditation in several

Testo’s technological innovations have continuously striven to improve
process through efficiency. Combining reliability with disruptive technologies,
Testo has developed a broad range of HVAC, gas and electrical instruments among
many more, each tool designed to make their customer’s job easier.

Testo’s facility in Victoria, Australia was awarded the certification
based on their quality of electronic measurement products for both physical and
chemical parameters, as well as their experienced staff that handle servicing,
calibration and validation.

Testo Australia received ISO 9001 certification for their quality
assurance processes, which extend all the way to their calibration and
servicing departments. Testo experts rely on their years of experience and
state-of-the-art equipment to finely tune their customers’ instruments,
ensuring measurement accuracy. All calibrations are completed within five
business days.

Testo’s automated system registers an instrument the first time it’s
sent for calibration with the customer receiving an email reminder when the
tool is due for service. Testo also maintains an excellent record-keeping
system that allows their experts to troubleshoot any enquiries from customers,
or send copies of calibration certificates when needed.

The Testo promise not only ensures the quality of their tools but also
provides the assurance of guaranteed longevity and reliability.

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