Simplify facility management with Testo tools

Building managers know the importance of maintaining operational
efficiency and the need to anticipate potential problems. Be it a commercial
warehouse or a corporate building, facility managers rely on new and innovative
tools in the market to prevent mechanical failure in their equipment and ensure
they are ahead of issues before they occur.

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) are complex components
of building management. Various tools from Testo are helping facility managers
monitor equipment using smart technology, helping them detect problems in
advance, and enabling them to ensure smooth operations within their facilities.

Air and heating

Monitoring indoor air quality (IAQ) is a vital aspect of any facility
manager’s job, which is further simplified with multifunctional instruments such
as the testo 480. The tool combines the unrivalled reliability of high-precision
digital meters with its all-in-one device capability, featuring storage to fit up
to 60 million readings; differential and absolute pressure, temperature,
humidity and CO2 measurements; adjustable settings for various locations; and various
accessories that allow for printouts or data analysis.

The testo 510i is a new differential pressure meter that offers the
assurance of ease of use and reliability. Key benefits include ability to
measure gas flow and static pressure; and Bluetooth capability allowing
any facility manager or technician to turn their smartphone into a mobile
analysis hub, enabling them to view readings, and save and export them all at
the tap of a button.

Electrical and refrigeration

Facility managers need no longer carry tools on their belt or spend time
in cramped spaces with instruments such as the testo 760-2, which is
designed to offer unparalleled reliability through its automatic
measurement parameters detection system. This tool allows technicians to keep
an efficient schedule and avoid any mistakes. While its sizable measuring range
can track current strength, the digital display and magnet-based mounting make
it easy to control with one hand.

Also delivering speed and efficiency is the testo smart probes
refrigeration set that enables building managers to quickly test refrigerants
without the usual losses because no hoses are required. The tool utilises a smartphone and
the Smart Probe app, to allow the user to easily transfer data from up to six
different probes at once.

Testo provides state-of-the-art tools and high
quality servicing for continued reliability. Contact a Testo representative today to learn more.

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