Reliable temperature monitoring for university laboratories

Research laboratories at universities across the globe are involved in
important studies that will eventually help the world. Though the nature of their
work may not require the lab to be GMP-compliant, it will only help the
facility if compliance requirements are met. Temperature monitoring, for
instance, is an important requirement in any laboratory or research
application, which is why it should be prioritised at the design stage itself.

The following example will establish why temperature monitoring is an
important aspect of any research laboratory. In 2012, an official working for a
hospital affiliated with Harvard University found that a freezer’s cooling
system had failed weeks earlier but was not reported because the alert system
wasn’t activated.

The freezer contained 150 brains being used for autism research, a third
of which were rendered unusable. Speaking to the Boston Globe, Dr Francine
Benes, director of the Harvard Brain Tissue Resource Center, said the value of
the loss couldn’t be expressed in dollar terms. Dr Carlos Pardo estimated the
damage would stall autism research by a decade.

This incident underscored the importance of reliable temperature monitoring
tools in university laboratories.

The University of Toledo, for instance, has a program in place that
sends an alert notification through text or email if a laboratory freezer or
fridge drops out of its temperature range for longer than 30 minutes, or sooner
for blood samples.

It’s not just a temperature monitoring or alert system that universities
need – they also need one that assures reliability.

Reliable temperature monitoring tools such as the Testo 175 or 174t are
key components of an effective temperature monitoring and alert system for
laboratories. Data drawn from the monitoring system’s logs will also assist facility
managers take steps towards implementing preventative maintenance.

Freezers storing research samples can break down at any time for any
number of reasons. However, having temperature monitoring tools and alert
systems in place will ensure damage is contained in the event of a breakdown
incident, allowing researchers to rest easy at night knowing their samples are

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