New system utilises advanced temperature controlled shipping containers

Israeli shipping company ZIM has developed a new tracking system designed
to allow the schematics of any sensitive cargo to be constantly monitored.

Particularly useful for companies that need to ship their products in a
temperature-controlled environment, the tracking system allows them to view and
correct anomalies in real time, reducing the risk of spoilage in their cargo.

Released at the 14th Annual Cool Chain and Controlled Temperature
Logistics Europe expo in Frankfurt, ZIM’s tracking system, ZIMonitor will soon
be made available to industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is one sector that will benefit from having greater
control over the artificial environments created inside containers. ZIMonitor is
designed to provide ongoing data flow, alerts and automatic reports, along with
a 24/7 professional response along the cargo route to prevent damage.

Additionally, the tracking system will also benefit several other
sectors that require temperature controlled shipping environments to transport
delicate aviation parts, perishable foodstuffs, wines and alcoholic beverages, seeds
for agriculture, sensitive electronic components, and artworks and antiques.

The new method of shipping has been designed with Good Distribution
Practices (GDP) in mind, meeting the strict compliance rules outlined by the
European Union.

An international pilot scheme run in partnership with a pharmaceutical
company proved to be a success with ZIM confident that its latest offering
is now ready for more widespread industrial use.

Controlled environments can be absolutely critical for freight transported
by land, air or sea. Such industries need to ensure both temperature and
humidity levels are kept in check using a data logger.

The testo 184 H1 is perfect for anyone needing to keep track
of these two metrics throughout the shipping process of any sensitive product.
testo data loggers allow the user to adjust the frequency of measurement from one
every minute to one every 24 hours. The 500-day battery life of the unit
ensures accurate measurements regardless of transit length.

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