New pharmaceutical freight links highlight the need for effective temperature monitoring

A new ‘Pharma Express’ freight service introduced by Qatar Airways in
January will be using sophisticated technology to transport much-needed medical
supplies from Europe to Qatar.

Though the pharmaceutical industry relies on humidity and temperature
data loggers extensively, the new pharma service will see the effectiveness
of these data loggers reach new heights. Qatar Airways’ Pharma Express, the
first of its kind in the aviation industry, will link two crucial cities with
the Middle East and the rest of the world.

Twice a week, a Qatar Airways Airbus A330 air freighter will fly from
Doha, Qatar to Brussels and Basel, which are cities known globally for their
pharmaceutical output. The plane will pick up medical supplies before flying
back and distributing them in Qatar.

Keeping the temperature of pharmaceutical products consistent in transit
is a key challenge for the industry. Qatar Airways Chief Officer
Cargo Ulrich Ogiermann identified this challenge as one of the main
reasons for the new service.

He explains that the pharmaceutical industry is witnessing rapid growth
each year, and with the rising demand there is the need to ensure that
pharmaceuticals and healthcare products are transported with the utmost care
while avoiding any temperature fluctuations.

According to Mr Ogiermann, Qatar Airways Cargo has invested in
sophisticated technology and a team of highly qualified staff to now offer
healthcare companies and their logistic partners a state-of-the-art service for
shipping temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals all over the world, while
maintaining the integrity and quality of their products throughout the supply

QR Pharma, launched by Qatar Airways in January 2014, piloted two
systems of temperature controlled freight including an active system using
temperature controlled containers that maintain a constant reading throughout
the shipping process; and a passive solution, which keeps the transported goods
within a specific temperature band.

Temperature and humidity data loggers perform a critical role in the
pharmaceutical industry and are required to provide accurate readings.

The testo 184 H1 is the ideal device for anyone in the
logistics industry to keep track of the two metrics of temperature and
humidity, thanks to a 500-day battery life and memory supporting up to 64,000
measurement values.

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