Is your CO monitoring knowledge up-to-date?

Tradesmen have to continuously update themselves on new information and
technologies for monitoring carbon monoxide to be able to perform their role
effectively and safely.

One of the leading instruments providers to diverse industries across
Australia for carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring, testo is well aware of the
challenges faced by tradesmen as well as the value of retraining and refresher

The company has launched a new testo training course for carbon monoxide
(CO) to keep people safe throughout Australia. This course is recommended for gas
plumbers and will help them stay up-to-date with the latest trends and
developments in carbon monoxide monitoring.

The dangers of CO

It’s very difficult to detect the presence of CO in the atmosphere as it
is not only colourless but also odourless, requiring the person responsible for
monitoring the dangerous gas to be extra alert and attentive at all times. Dubbed
‘the silent killer’ in an Energy Safe Victoria campaign, CO is also extremely
lethal, especially when people are exposed to the gas when sleeping, which can
stop symptoms from manifesting.

Some symptoms that indicate CO poisoning in lieu of odours or visual signs
include intense fatigue and shortness of breath, which can lead to headaches of
varying degrees. Symptoms can also mimic the flu, making it difficult to
diagnose the cause. These can include nausea, vomiting, weakness and even loss
of consciousness.

Managing CO in Australia

Australia has national standards in place to keep people and businesses
safe from CO exposure. Commonly dispersed through vehicle emissions, CO can
rapidly build up to hazardous levels in congested conditions. However, this is
not a problem that affects Australia due to its national fuel quality

Gas plumbers can refer to guidelines issued by Product Safety Australia
highlighting the products that could emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.
These include flued gas heaters, generators and cookers that rely on gas power.

testo’s gas monitoring solutions

Tradesmen seeking a dependable and affordable gas monitoring solution can
select the testo 310-1 basic flue gas analyser, a digital device that requires
no calibration, and can be used to measure everything from oxygen and CO to
draft, pressure and combustibility. An easy-to-read screen enables accurate
measuring, allowing the user to detect and manage dangerous gases such as carbon
monoxide with great ease.

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