Industrial boiler maintenance with Testo 340 flue gas analyser

Industrial boiler maintenance is a continuous and extended process going
beyond merely checking fuel supply and emission values.

Combustion, for instance, plays a vital role in reducing energy costs,
ensuring emission compliance and extending the lifespan of the boiler equipment.
Regardless of whether it’s a new system or one nearing end-of-life, industrial
boilers need continuous servicing and testing to ensure everything from the blower
to the air ducts is functioning properly.

To ensure reliable performance of their boiler equipment, many servicing
engineers and technicians are opting for digital tools such as the Testo 340
flue gas analyser.

Need for precise measurements

Over an average lifespan of 30-40 years, industrial boilers need to be
tuned multiple times to ensure the combustion technology is working to design. Given
the increasingly stringent rules for emission levels and focus on reduced
energy usage, industrial boiler maintenance relies on accurate flue gas

Testing flue gas through the duct provides technicians with a wealth of
information including troubleshooting issues; measurements for emissions
compliance; and insights on improving burner performance.

All of these readings help facility managers achieve their goals for financial
and operational benefits while ensuring the system is functioning efficiently.

Improved testing and tuning

The Testo 340 flue gas analyser is used by servicing engineers to
execute tasks that once took multiple tools to accomplish. The device is able
to accurately measure relevant gases such as carbon dioxide, oxygen and NOX
quickly and provide reports through a connected Bluetooth smartphone app.

Key benefits of Testo 340 flue gas analysers include extendable 7.8-metre
hose connection for hard-to-reach flue gas ducts; pre-calibrated interchangeable
sensors eliminating downtime; self-cleaning PTFE hose eradicating condensate
and dirt particle build-up; and quick and accurate measurements with low-maintenance

The Testo 340 allows technicians to efficiently tune and test industrial
boilers without the drawbacks typically associated with the process, such as
high flue gas loss or pressure measurement values.

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