How the testo 340 helps you check diesel engine efficiency [Video]

Diesel-powered equipment is extensively used in Australian underground
coal mines. However, exposure to diesel exhaust emissions may lead to
unpleasant odours, eye and respiratory tract irritation, as well as more
serious health problems. Colliery employees have expressed concern over the
damaging effects of diesel equipment on their health.

Regulations are in place at coal mines to minimise these emissions and
protect the health of workers. Each diesel-powered machine is required to be compliant
with legislation that mandates ideal engine exhaust gas concentrations. Underground
mine operators are required to ensure their machinery is running efficiently
with minimal impact on the environment and worker health.

The testo 340 diesel kit can be used to check machine efficiency as well
as monitor the air for emissions.

For instance, the instrument is ideal for commissioning and troubleshooting
diesel powered trucks, excavators, draglines and bucket wheel excavators among other
machines used in underground mining environments. The engines of these machines
can be tuned to the recommended operating parameters.

Part of testo’s emissions testing instruments range, the diesel kit is
also used to monitor the quality of air with the instrument displaying a
variety of parameters including carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide and nitrogen
dioxide to register exhaust gas emissions. Checking these readings will help
mine operators determine whether their diesel machinery is negatively impacting
the environment or worker health.

The testo 340 diesel kits are available with several probes to suit
varying temperatures and dust conditions. Designed for harsh industrial
environments, these extensions provide the assurance of accuracy without the
risk of damaging the instrument.

View a short informative video on the testo 340.

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