Choosing a thermal imaging camera – What are my options?

Price is not the only factor that comes into play when selecting a
thermal imaging camera. The choice of the right thermal imager depends on the
specific end application; therefore, the selected model must have the features
necessary to execute that application.

Why invest in a thermal camera?

Widely used in various industries for different applications, thermal
cameras are employed by heating engineers to check blocked pipes or production
engineers to confirm that high end equipment is running smoothly. Some of the
advantages of thermal cameras include instant and contactless analysis; non-intrusive
technology allowing source of problem in pipework or underfloor heating to be
located immediately without causing any damage; ability to locate any leak in
buried pipes in a matter of seconds before it becomes a real and expensive
problem; and equipping the user with the tool to show customers the source of
the problem immediately.

Why choose Testo?

Designed to provide real value to engineers and professionals, Testo
thermal cameras offer a robust and high quality tool that can be used for a
number of day-to-day applications.

Testo thermal cameras deliver multiple benefits including high quality
robust design; higher image spec resulting in better image quality; and free
SuperResolution technology doubling resolution of all images to make
findings even clearer.

Which thermal camera is best for

Selecting a thermal camera to match requirements is a difficult task. Testo’s
range of thermal imaging cameras offers solutions for smaller companies right
through to large industrial applications. 

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