Case Study: Temperature monitoring in IT server rooms

The testo Saveris 2 is an innovative Wi-Fi data logger system designed
to monitor the temperature in server rooms with the efficiency demanded by IT
service providers.

IT managers have to prioritise server performance with customers placing
high expectations on the efficient availability of IT services. Many IT service
providers obtain ISO certification to assure clients about the guaranteed
efficiency and availability of their IT services.

However, IT managers must keep their eye on a number of critical factors
to ensure secure continued operations. Temperature monitoring in the server
rooms, as required by ISO assessors, plays a significant role in achieving this

The challenge

Companies, institutions and authorities are dependent on a functioning
IT system or service. IT service providers or IT managers are responsible for guaranteeing
IT availability. If this availability is restricted for any reason, IT managers
will be under pressure to find a quick solution. Overheating in servers caused
by performance peaks or climatic influences is one reason for a drop in server performance,
or even the breakdown of the system.

Temperatures in server rooms are monitored as standard practice to
prevent such situations. Any sudden temperature increase can be quickly managed
with the appropriate action. Till now, IT managers were only able to keep an
eye on temperature changes if they were present in the server room. This can
become a huge challenge, particularly in facilities with several server rooms,
or for external service providers.

The solution

The testo Saveris 2 is a cloud-based data logging system that enables efficient
automatic temperature monitoring in server rooms. The measurement data is sent by
wireless LAN to the testo cloud, where they are archived, and made available on
PCs, smartphones or tablets at all times and anywhere.

The testo Saveris 2 allows IT managers to effortlessly monitor temperature
values in different server rooms without physically being present at the server
location. An alarm function in the testo Saveris 2 alerts the user by e-mail or
SMS in the event the freely adjustable limit value is exceeded. This allows
counter-measures to be taken quickly in the case of performance peaks, before
overheating can negatively impact the system. Continuous analysis of server
room temperatures can also prevent downtimes and increase efficiency.

testo’s Wi-Fi data logger system can be quickly installed using the Quick
Start Guide; operated with batteries or mains power; and extended by additional
loggers at any time.

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