Assessing indoor air quality with Testo Smart Tools

A considerable amount of time is spent indoors by most people,
especially the working population. This also means the average individual’s
health is directly tied to substances present in offices, warehouses, stores
and even homes.

An environment with a high percentage of pollutants can impact the
health of the inhabitants, leading to higher healthcare costs, lacklustre
productivity and even irritability.

With greater awareness of the consequences on human health, many
companies, businesses and property owners are contracting HVAC-R technicians
to test the indoor air quality (IAQ) at their locations. Testo Australia has released
its line of Smart Probes to assist these technicians with checking and
analysing indoor air quality.

Recognising the trend of the mobile workforce, testo’s Smart Probes are
mobile compatible, and designed to connect directly to iOS and Android devices
using Bluetooth, feeding measurement data to smartphones via the Smart Probes
App. All data can be shared, documented and organised through mobile devices,
and users don’t have to worry about establishing physical connections with the
devices. testo’s Smart Probe set comes with eight probes, each of which delivers
a particular function.

testo also offers devices that can provide applicable measurements for
indoor air quality. All of the devices have Bluetooth connectivity with readings,
calculations and other details presented through smartphones, while also reducing
the quantity of equipment and devices HVAC-R mechanics have to bring on site.

testo 605i thermohygrometer allows technicians to check
ambient air temperature and relative humidity in ducts as well as ambient

testo 805i IR thermometer enables professionals to check temperatures on
walls, and in registers and AC component surfaces as well as assess AC system
fuses and circuit breakers.

testo 410i vane anemometer measures air velocity, volume flow and

testo 405i thermal anemometer measures air volume flow, velocity and
temperature at cross-duct sections. 

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