3 facilities where you can use the testo 420 [Video]

testo has released a new digital volume flow measurement instrument
designed to help building managers assess room ventilation quickly and safely.

The testo 420 digital volume flow measurement instrument is
recommended for three different facilities and environments, proving its
application versatility.

Offices: A study published in Energy and Buildings explained
how ventilation has a direct impact on worker productivity, health and
well-being. The testo 420’s flow hood straightens dynamic airflow to provide
accurate ventilation readings.

Warehouses and production
Ducted systems are
used to remove unwanted contaminants from production floors, keeping the
working environment healthy for employees. The testo 420 can be used in rooms
with high ceilings and programmed to send airflow metrics to the building
manager’s smartphone.

Pharmaceutical plants: Pharma facilities are required to adhere to stringent regulations
as plasma, biochemicals and other substances are sensitive to environmental
changes. The testo 420 not only measures air velocity, but also calculates
temperature and relative humidity.

View a short video
on testo 420’s application versatility.

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