DMV Series AC Servo Motors suitable for LoPro ¨ Driven Linear Systems

DMV Series AC Servo Motor, 200VAC, Encoder, UVW Halls, IP67, UL Compliant

  • Power ranges from 50W to 750W
  • Equipped with incremental encoder at 2000 P/R
  • Hall Effect sensors for commutation
  • IP67 protection rating for harsh environments
  • Optional electrical magnetic brake
  • UL standard compliant

The DMV Series AC Servo Motors are high performance industrial servo motors with incremental encoders which can be driven by any servo drive with UVW commutation capabilities. DMV Servo motors have high power densities ranging from 50W to 750W in compact packages from 40mm to 80mm flange sizes. All versions are rated for use in harsh environments with IP67 protection. Pre-wired with 1 meter long cable leads. Includes UVW Hall Effect sensors and 2000 P/R incremental encoder for positional feedback. Optional electrical magnetic brake versions are available. Manufactured in Japan.

The safety information sheet, instruction manual and engineering
technical data sheets can all be downloaded in .PDF format at

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