Time for the next step towards indestructibility

We already set the standards years ago with the high—performance fabric

FLUROGLIDE¨ — The fabric developed by us exceeds normal fabrics in terms

of Ioad-bearing capacity many Times over.

Now it is Time for The next step: Time for The first media—resistant FLUROGLIDE¨

spherical plain bearings, which are almost indestructible. Resistant against

moisture, grease, oil. Ready To permanently withstand The hardest requirements.

In select applications — e.g. in hydraulic rod ends or in vehicle and plant

constriction — FLUROGLIDE¨ MEDIA SOLID offers our customers totally new

standards for swivel and tip movements under the influence of the stated


Reiner Ho”hn is The managing partner for the two companies  FLURO'”‘-Gelenklager GmbH and Martin Ho”hn Prazisionstelle GmbH. Thanks to hls many years’ experience in managing produce development and Technical sales he is the ideal contact  partner for all technical challenges the trickier the better’

With the high-performance fabric FLUROGLIDE¨ an excellent development

was made years ago in the area of radial spherical plain bearings.

And now is the next step coming with FLUROGLIDE¨ MEDIA SOLID?

Reiner Ho”hn: That’s rlght. As market leader and specialist in the area of

stainless steeI spherical plain bearings and rod ends, we did everything to

develop a media-resistant spherical plain bearing.

How did this happen?

Reiner Ho”hn: We discovered ThOT spherical plain bearings often suffer

early wear — because of The various environmental influences and the

different medic resistance. We analysed These problems and developed

new properties for us. Our new spherical plain bearings are characterised

by their particularly high tribological capabilities.

What tangible benefits does the customer get from this?

Reiner Ho”hn: Once more we con extend the life of products considerably —

especially for uses where the spherical plain bearings are exposed to

moisture or come into contact with oils and greases. And in addition: We

can offer the customer completely new, longer maintenance intervals.

They therefore profit twice. We call This a.,Swabion Development”.

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