Tracking wear of plain bearing liners with intelligent igus sensor

igus engineers have developed a new intelligent linear
guide designed to detect the wear of liners in linear systems at an early stage.
A sensor in the bearing liners measures the individually determinable wear
limit and sounds an alarm when it is reached. This allows maintenance to be
planned in advance, thereby avoiding unexpected system failure.

Operators of systems that use linear robots and linear
systems are often challenged by the question: When should the bearing be
changed? From packaging machines and the glass processing industry up to
machine tools, linear guides must withstand extreme loads. In order to detect
early wear of the sliding lubrication-free bearings made of high-performance
plastics and to plan the maintenance in advance, igus has now developed a new
smart system for its drylin linear systems. The new smart plastics technology
measures the wear of dirt and dust-resistant bearings and alerts the user when
the wear limit is reached.

technology for wear monitoring

A new intelligent and patented technology measures the
wear of a bearing in all directions. To do this, igus integrates a sensor in
the bearing, which sends the measured data to the icom. The communication
module collects the data of all smart plastics sensors, processes them and
forwards them. The user can take over the monitoring with the terminal device
of their choice and carry out maintenance, repair and replacement.

replacement directly on the rail

Bearing change is quite simple thanks to igus’ smart
bearing replacement technique. The linear axis or the multi-axis gantry with
toothed belt drive no longer has to be disassembled, because the replacement takes
place directly on the rail. Similar to a pit stop in Formula 1, the linear
plain bearing can be changed in no time at all and thanks to a free tool, it
reduces downtime to a minimum. The system can be put back into operation within
a few minutes.

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