Maintenance-free slewing ring bearings for equipment monitoring

Treotham introduces a new range of lubrication-free
polymer slewing ring bearings from igus, suitable for installations that demand
reliability. The smart slewing ring bearing is part of igus’ expanding isense
family of products designed to reduce machine downtime by means of predictive

The intelligent isense slewing ring bearing uses a
sensor to measure its wear and informs the user when replacement is required,
avoiding the possibility of unexpected bearing failure and unscheduled equipment

slewing rings

igus slewing rings resting on plain bearings are
primarily used in applications requiring a high level of reliability often in conjunction
with high cycle speeds and high loads, such as control desks, welding
equipment, indexing tables or chain saws.

The iglidur polymer slewing ring bearings from igus have sliding elements
between the inner and outer bearing rings, which are made of aluminium or
stainless steel. The maintenance-free sliding elements made of high-performance
iglidur J plastic ensure that friction and wear are minimised without the use
of lubrication.

RenŽ Achnitz, Head of Business Unit at iglidur bearings
explains that a wear sensor mounted in a slot under the sliding elements
measures the axial lowering of the SRB head ring caused by abrasion and passes
the information to the icom communication module. Once the information is compared
with a previously determined application-relevant wear rate, the icom module
will indicate the necessity for replacement when required.

The communication module receives the sensor data and
sends the information to the desired end devices of the user via WLAN. This
ensures the bearing can be replaced in good time without any unscheduled
machine shutdowns, ensuring greater safety and reliability in production.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website,
or call 02 9907 1788.

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