Lubrication-free, long-lasting igubal spherical balls

The igubal spherical balls by igus available from Treotham
are made from high-performance plastic iglidur J material, providing a lubrication-free
and maintenance-free alternative to pillow blocks and flange bearings.

Conventional pillow blocks and flange bearings
typically used in construction machines or conveyor systems for glass and clay
products are exposed to extreme loads from dirt and dust. Conditions such as heavy
dirt accumulation, dust and chips build up an extreme load for pillow blocks
and flange bearings, requiring these metallic bearings to be regularly serviced
and lubricated so as to avoid failure.

The new igus spherical balls made from the high-performance
plastic iglidur J provide customers with a lubrication-free and
maintenance-free solution. The use of this material ensures the bearing no
longer needs to be lubricated, making it completely maintenance-free. The
narrow igubal spherical balls come directly from the injection moulding process
and can be inserted into existing metallic pillow block and flange bearing
housings within a few seconds. The absence of lubricant means dirt and
impurities can no longer adhere to the bearings, which further minimises wear
and eliminates downtime in machines and plant.

The use of the igubal spherical balls in a biomass
chipper proved their long service life. Previously, the metal bearings on the
conveyor belt of the machine had to be lubricated each month. The retrofitted
flange bearings with igubal spherical balls have stayed wear-free for more than
a year, without lubrication or maintenance.

The igubal spherical balls deliver a cost-effective
solution thanks to their lubrication-free and maintenance-free design. Key
benefits also include very low coefficient of friction in dry operation; outdoor
use possible with low moisture absorbing material; and chemical resistance of
the high-performance plastic increasing suitability in chemically demanding
applications such as agricultural technology.

The igubal spherical balls are currently available in
six dimensions for housing number 204-210. Spherical balls can also be
manufactured from other iglidur materials on special request.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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