igus’ speedigus service for customised wear-resistant parts

Treotham stocks different types of igus iglidur plain
bearings made of tribo-polymers to be able to quickly supply and install the
right plain bearing solution at all times. However, when customers demand out-of-catalogue
plastic components, igus manufactures customised parts using various methods.

The type of production is determined by the motion
plastics specialist, igus, according to the required quantities. For large
volumes exceeding 500 pieces, the in-house tool manufacturer constructs
application-related moulds made of steel, which are then used in the injection
moulding machines.

For small batches up to 500 pieces or prototypes, igus
offers another solution for wear-resistant special parts via the speedigus
production service.

igus’ speedigus services are divided into the
speedimold, speedicut and speedifit divisions and the 3D printing service,
according to the method that is most suitable for the respective application.

In this video,
Gerhard Baus, Vice President – New Business Development tells you what is
possible with the different methods.

Custom made parts can be ordered from Treotham. If
you have any questions regarding the speedigus service, please visit the
Treotham Automation website www.treotham.com.au
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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