iglidur polymer bearings for aircrafts meeting FAA fire safety compliance

Treotham announces that five iglidur high-performance
polymer bearings from igus meet the fire safety compliance requirements of the
US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for aircraft interiors.

These iglidur plain bearings are used within aircrafts
for bearing points in seats, tables and doors, with the maintenance-free range
ensuring a light, safe and lubrication-free solution.

Aviation components are required to be lightweight,
quiet and fail-safe, while components used in the interiors of airplanes also
require compliance with strict fire safety standards. The igus plain bearing
materials iglidur G V0, iglidur X, iglidur A350, iglidur H and iglidur J350
have now been positively tested by an independent test institute in accordance
with the fire test FAR CS 25.853 App F, Part 1a 1 (ii).

The five plain bearing materials are also rated V0
according to UL94, making them the optimal solution for moving applications in
aircrafts, for example, in fold-out tables, adjustable seats or in the hinges
of doors and luggage compartments. With these five bearings, designers of
interior equipment in aircrafts have suitable iglidur materials for all plain
bearing applications: the cost-effective all-rounder iglidur G V0, the
FDA-compliant iglidur A350, the iglidur J350 and iglidur H with exceptionally
low moisture absorption, all the way to iglidur X, the high tech problem

iglidur plain bearings, like all igus products, operate
without external lubrication, thanks to the solid lubricants homogeneously
engrained in the material to ensure silent and smooth operation. Users are able
to minimise the maintenance work and costs associated with regular re-lubrication;
reduce the effort required during assembly; and have the assurance that the
components will always remain clean – an important criterion in aircraft

Key advantages of igus iglidur bearings include lighter
weight (up to seven times) compared to metallic alternatives, which is crucial
in the aerospace industry; cost savings in comparison with metal bearings;
corrosion-free benefits; greater flexibility simplifying assembly and minimising
noise; and ability to withstand impact and edge loads.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website www.treotham.com.au
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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