New Express Air clamping system simplifying press brake setups

Traditional press brake clamps do not allow smooth setups and
changeovers, with the time consuming process also impacting productivity. For each
new setup, the operator has to look for a hex wrench and then manually tighten
set screws and seat punches. Shops working on numerous setups find this clamp
system a significant drain on their time, resulting in lower productivity and
lost revenue.

With the industry moving towards small batch processing, press brake
fabricators need to find ways to gain efficiency wherever possible. One way
they can achieve efficiency is by adding a clamping system to a press brake,
thereby helping speed up the setup times dramatically and reduce production

Express Air clamping system

The Express Air clamping system from Wilson Tool International uses a
clean, low-cost power source for fast, flexible setups. Designed for European
style press brake tooling, Express Air is a pneumatic punch holder that uses
standard shop air (90-120 PSI) to clamp and seat tooling in seconds with the
touch of a button or the flip of a switch – all without an additional pump or
power source.

Featuring a unique interlocking wedge design, Express Air sectionalised
punch holders can be pushed together to create a solid beam or gapped for box
bending. With one of the narrowest bodies on the market, the clamping system enables
the greatest range of bend angles – up to 30¡ with longer flanges in the front
and back.

Shops working with an older press brake can add a clamping solution such
as the Express Air system to breathe new life into their machine. In addition
to a smooth, harder work surface, the shop can benefit from higher productivity
with a variety of timesaving features at a significantly lower cost than
regrinding or replacing the beam.

The Express Air clamping system is also fast and easy to install,
ensuring minimal machine downtime. Since the clamps are interchangeable with
most OEM holders, operators can gradually transition to air power using several
holders or all at once with holders for the entire length of the beam.

Sheetmetal Tooling Tech is a distributor for Wilson Tool International,
a global leader in the manufacture of turret punch, press brake and stamping
tooling systems.

For more information on the Express Air clamping
system, please visit the Wilson Tool website

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