Enhanced SKU system customising automated order fulfilment

Industrial Conveying (Aust) – ICA offers enhanced automated order
fulfilment SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) systems that can be individually tailored
for any company. ICA’s automated order fulÔ¨Ålment SKU systems deliver multiple
operational advantages to a broad range of industries.

During the design phase, an ICA draftsperson configures and simulates
purpose specific systems for complex solutions using the latest Emulate3D
software. This allows the concept system to be explored, and provides the
opportunity to identify and resolve problems at the start of the project.

The solution can be directly linked to production or utilised in
distribution warehouses for order assembly and dispatch of products, replacing
manual processes.

Automated Order Fulfilment

The flexible automated order fulfilment system is suitable for a
limited number or thousands of SKUs with the scalable infrastructure allowing
for inventory and throughput to be increased independently to meet evolving
business needs.

ICA’s automated order fulÔ¨Ålment system is ideal for Third Party
Warehousing, Food Manufacturing, Retail Distribution, Pharmaceuticals, Packaged
Meat and Poultry Supply, and virtually any packaged goods industry requiring

The automated order fulÔ¨Ålment SKU integrates any combination of ICA’s
technologies encompassing robots, gantries, layer picking, layer transfer and
disassembly, cassette loading, sortation and palletising. Sub systems
normally include case and pallet conveyor systems, bar code and/or RFID
scanning as well as ASRS warehouse in some instances.

The automated order fulfilment SKU system is focused on the needs of
businesses that use the most demanding, and common order assembly methods in

1. Layer palletising

Layer picking is a volume-driven solution involving the robotised
pick-up of entire layers of product for assembly on pallets for entire orders. Ideal
for companies that predominantly sell on layers, such as suppliers of soft
drinks, chips or washing powder, this system is ideal for picking and
distributing product during retail specials.

2. Mixed Case (Rainbow)

Rainbow palletising involves slotting pallets in between layers of
product for the benefit of end users such as convenience store chains that
would make a large order across a lot of stores but need to facilitate limited
storage at each shop.

3. Column or Random Stack

A gantry system with single or column stack capability may be utilised
for complicated order picks, where one pallet comprises of multiple products
made up of less than a complete layer of any one product.

ICA’s automated order fulfilment solution is ideal for applications
where there is handling of any number of SKUs from which orders are assembled.

ICA delivers customised solutions from concept to implementation for all
of your materials handling needs, with the scope encompassing pallet conveyors,
materials handling equipment, turnkey systems, and warehousing and distribution.

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