Automated handling systems saving time and money

Materials handling and logistics specialist Industrial Conveying (Aust) (ICA) offers a complete range of automated handling solutions for
bulk loading and unloading of palletised products into, and out of truck
trailers, shipping containers and warehouses. ICA designs, manufactures and
installs cost-efficient technology customised to meet the ever-increasing
demand for freight efficiency in applications across all advanced manufacturing
and distribution sectors.

The finer aspects of materials handling and supply chain management go
beyond warehouses, trucks and transport. ICA takes into consideration how these
aspects come together to form a complete handling spectrum. By reducing the
steps (and time) involved in product handling, companies can benefit from increased
profit margins.

With ICA’s automated handling solutions, loads are prepared on the
loading dock while the trucks are still in transit. On the truck’s arrival, the
goods are loaded onto the vehicle or container in less than 4 minutes against
the average time of 20-40 minutes required when using a forklift for loading.

ICA’s complete handling systems are designed to cater for 20ft, 40ft and
48ft containers, and enclosed vehicle bodies. With this technology, the vehicle
or container is raised to the right height to enable efficient loading (and
unloading) with powered docks.

Key features of ICA’s automated handling systems include ‘smart’
utilisation of truck fleets during the loading and unloading process; I/O
interfaces applied with user-friendly HMI controller to make systems Industry
4.0-ready; user-friendly equipment controls requiring minimal training; and robust
design and construction meeting the demands of 24/7 operations well into the

Handling systems used by many companies are built based on a piecemeal
approach, with solution components added over time. However, ICA’s solutions
enable the entire handling system to be fully integrated at one go, providing a
smooth, lasting and very profitable logistics system.

If your company is planning on investing in advanced processes and
technologies for materials handling, partner with ICA to benefit from safe and
cost-effective solutions that will also give you a competitive edge in your own
industry sector.

ICA delivers customised solutions from concept to implementation for all
of your materials handling needs, with the scope encompassing dock loading/
unloading solutions; pallet conveyors; truck and trailer systems; and transport
and logistics.

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