Vector Lifting’s yachting jib cranes minimising risk in boat handling

Vector Lifting has designed and developed a specialised yachting jib
crane that minimises risk, environmental damage and costs to allow fast and effective
launch and retrieval of boats and yachts.

Moving or retrieving boats and yachts in harbours, boat clubs, marinas
and shipyards is always a stressful and expensive exercise that often involves
a great deal of organisation, effort and expense. Conventional methods such as
slipways, trailers or mobile cranes carry high risk for the boats and generate
high costs.

Vector Lifting’s specialised jib cranes can be designed, manufactured
and installed to suit specific application needs at the club or marina.

Key benefits of Vector Lifting’s yachting jib cranes include secure boat
handling, continuous availability, eco-friendly operation, low maintenance
costs, ease of operation, minimal space requirement, customised shape and
colour to suit the club’s branding, and proven design backed by years of
expertise and experience.

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