Revamp materials handling systems at lower cost and minimal disruption

Industrial Conveying (Aust) – ICA can help facilities completely
overhaul their outdated materials handling systems with very little disruption
to their operations.

Thanks to a modern developed material handling solution from ICA, companies
operating distribution centres and working with manual handling systems for a
large quantity of small items can now overhaul their system while achieving
efficiencies with time and cost.

ICA’s solutions allow companies to modernise processes without putting
themselves through a costly and logistically challenging relocation. Product
importers and exporters handling huge quantities of stock manually will
particularly benefit from ICA’s solutions, which can bring their current materials
handling systems up to speed.

ICA designers and engineers have the expertise to create unique
solutions for challenging applications.

For instance, if the floor space is limited, ICA’s designers can configure
the new set-up to provide even more space. By installing a large part of the
materials handling system in the ceiling space, ICA enables the client to
continue operating in the same premises without having to relocate or build a
new factory. When the ceiling space is utilised for the installation, less
equipment will occupy the floor space, making the plant more spacious than
before. Worker safety is also increased with a lesser number of obstacles on
the floor.

ICA engineers work very closely with clients to design, commission and
complete the new materials handling system installation using a combination of
conveyor systems, carousel sorting technology, and labelling and RFID

Ideally, the client gains a new system that remains in the same location
without any disruption whatsoever. Companies can remain competitive without the
need to expend resources looking for, or building, new premises just because they
want to update their sorting systems or expand their production lines.

Roller conveyors

Powered roller conveyors are used for moving, sorting, diverting and
transporting products at low or high speeds. These include powered roller, chain
driven/ belt driven, zero/ low pressure accumulation, and gravity conveyors.

Belt conveyors

Regardless of your unit load or bulk material capacity, ICA can design a
belt conveyor for horizontal, incline or decline paths and at a predetermined
rate. ICA delivers standalone belt conveyors or solutions integrated with a turnkey
project. Options include straight or flat belt conveyors, telescopic, troughed,
carousel picking conveyors and modular belt/ slat conveyors.

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