ICA’s turnkey solutions for the beverage handling sector

Materials handling specialist Industrial Conveying (Aust) Pty Ltd is
making their presence felt quite strongly in the Australian beverage industry.
ICA’s increased presence in the beverage handling sector has been facilitated
by a series of strategic acquisitions, amalgamations and collaborations with
product specialists, all supported by an Australia-based engineering centre
delivering world class solutions.

Australia’s beverage sectors include the dairy industry, soft drinks
manufacturing and handling, confectionery, wine, beer, spirits, and any other
segment that requires design and implementation of handling solutions to suit
specific needs.

Australia’s beverage industry is witnessing a spike in demand from local
and global consumers who want to get a taste of the quality wines, beers,
spirits, mixed drinks and dairy products that are produced locally to the
highest quality standards. ICA’s materials handling solutions are in demand not
only in Australia but also across the world.

ICA’s growth is driven not just by the continuous improvement in high technologies
but also because of a strong domestic presence and reputation to deal directly
with clients while co-operating with industry innovators on projects. The
beverage industry is a high output segment and often deals with perishables, so
the solutions required can be urgent and need to be of extreme engineering
accuracy to achieve the most productive output.

The company’s turnkey capabilities have continued to develop with
multiple staff in Melbourne and Bendigo offices and investment in the latest
Emulate3D software. During the design phase, an ICA draftsperson works with the
client to configure and simulate a purpose specific system. This allows the concept
to be explored, and provides the opportunity to identify and resolve problems
in the early phases of the project.

The combination of the Melbourne office and the Bendigo design, project
management and engineering teams has placed ICA in a position where almost any
product can be supplied as purpose specific and integrated into an overall
materials handling system with any of the company’s standard food and beverage
handling products.

Standard technologies typically include knife edge conveyors, 90¡/180¡
modular belting type conveyors, plastic modular belt type conveyors, and slat
band conveyors.

ICA also designs, programs, installs and commissions control systems and
automation platforms for these materials handling projects, making them IoT and
industry 4.0 ready for future expansion.

Similar to how ICA’s solutions have benefited the food processing,
mining and quarrying sectors, the beverage industry now has access to a
one-stop shop for world-class materials handling systems.

ICA’s solutions can be tailored to the specific requirements of projects
and clients of any size, and include dock loading/ unloading; warehousing and distribution;
belt conveyors; pallet conveyors; roller conveyors; and materials handling equipment.

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