Custom fabrication for television shows and movie sets

Allplastics Engineering has been frequently called
upon to custom fabricate various items from acrylic and polycarbonate materials.
Allplastics has worked on well-known television and movie productions including
the Superman movies where acrylic chards were cut and polished to construct Superman’s
Fortress of Solitude in Antarctica; huge polycarbonate and acrylic panels supplied
for the Matrix series filmed in Australia; as well as colourful composite
translucent panels delivered to the Green Lantern production.

Allplastics was recently asked to fabricate a component
known as the ‘Energy Polarizer’ for the Brock mini-series on Channel 10.

One of Australia’s most successful motor racing
drivers, Peter Geoffrey Brock raced vehicles mainly for Holden, in addition to BMW,
Ford, Volvo, Porsche and Peugeot. Brock’s business activities included the
Holden Dealer Team (HDT) that produced his racing machines as well as a number
of modified high-performance road versions of his racing cars.

Brock launched a new device in 1986 called the ‘Energy
Polarizer’, which consisted of a black box containing a sliver of crystal
surrounded by magnets in an epoxy resin. The Polarizer promised to improve the
fuel performance and handling of any car. Though there was no scientific
testing, Brock claimed the device could help the vehicle absorb road shocks,
reduce overall vehicle noises, improve engine and suspension performance, and create
a more pleasant environment for the driver and passenger.

Allplastics’ custom fabrication

Convert your ideas to reality on your next production
set. Allplastics can meet demanding deadlines for fabrication, CNC routing and
custom shaping utilising their wide range of colourful architectural plastics.

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