Treotham introduces new CAN bus cable for commercial vehicles

Treotham announces
the launch of a new CAN bus cable from Lapp Group ideal for installation in commercial
vehicles thanks to its optimised fire behaviour.

BUS HEAT 6722 is a specially designed cable that can withstand oil, petrol,
diesel, lubricants, UV light, wind and the elements, and is also
temperature-resistant between -40¡C and +105¡C in accordance with DIN/ISO 6722
Class B.

Since the cable is
also used in passenger transport vehicles, certification under ECE R118
(Burning Behaviour of Materials Used in Interior Compartments) is mandatory.
According to this regulation, the sheath material must be halogen-free so that
a person’s airways are not chemically burnt in the event of a fire when the
blazing plastic comes into contact with extinguishing water. Such cables use a
sheath made of special polyurethane.

HEAT 6722 CAN bus cable has a particularly small diameter, which the Lapp
engineers achieved by forming a star quad with the cores in the cable. This design
saves space and weight, allowing for narrow bending radii.

Key features also
include a highly flexible sheath and fine-wired strands, making the cable ideal
for installation in moving applications such as an extendable fire ladder; and
choice of four variants with core cross-sections of 0.25-0.75mm_ to cover a
variety of participant numbers and different cable lengths.

For more
information, please visit the Treotham Automation website, or call 02 9907 1788.

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