Efaflex high speed folding doors with biparting action

DMF International has added a new high speed folding door to their extensive
range of high speed doors.

Manufactured by leading German company Efaflex GmbH and distributed in
Australia by DMF International, the new high speed folding doors require less
headroom, and have a biparting action. Efaflex’s custom made high speed folding
door can accommodate openings measuring up to 6m high and 8m wide, and also withstand
high wind exposure, making it suitable for a broad range of applications.

Efaflex high speed folding doors are recommended for exterior openings.
In addition to after-hours security, these doors also provide good heat and
noise insulation. The rapid action of the door panels with speeds of up to 2.0m/s
increases energy savings for the facility.

Efaflex high speed folding door panels can be profiled around gantry cranes
passing through the opening, making them ideal for railyard and manufacturing applications.

Key features of Efaflex high speed folding doors also include electrical
or pneumatic operation; multiple options including pushbuttons, remote control,
induction loops, or motion sensors available for door activation; and closed
circuit electric contact strip provided to prevent the door closing onto an
object or person within the opening.

Efaflex high speed folding doors have been installed in diverse applications
to provide solutions for emergency services, train halls and motor vehicle manufacturing
among many more.

Please visit the DMF website www.dmf.com.au
for more information.

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