High Speed Camera for Automotive Crash Testing

Scitech is proud to introduce the new PCO Dimax CS high
speed camera series specifically designed for harsh and demanding applications
such as the automotive crash testing sector.

Dimax CS high speed cameras are compact, lightweight (less than 1kg) and
ruggedized, allowing for being mounted in a multitude of positions (onboard,
off board). With very high frame rates at a resolution of up to 4 Megapixels,
they provide magnificent light sensitivity, outstanding image quality and
excellent colour rendering. Multiple lens mounts (including electronic lens
control), HD-SDI video output and the automatic image calibration feature make
the cameras a versatile and powerful tool.

The automotive and crash testing sector will benefit from
the variety of security features, making it ideally suited for harsh conditions.
Individual demands can be met by a broad variety of optional but helpful
accessories such as electronic lens control for positions difficult to access, junction
boxes for the use of multiple cameras or a lens cage for stabilizing the
optical axis when using larger C-mount lenses.

features include a 12 bit dynamic range, 9 GB
internal camera memory, high-G ruggedized body (150G for 11 ms), secure trigger
& sync modes, excellent light sensitivity, and quick-change lens adapter.
Three models are available and include the cs4 which offers 1102 fps @ 2016 x
2016 resolution, the cs3 offering 1603 fps @ 1920 x 1440 resolution and the cs1
offering 3086 fps @ 1296 x 1024 resolution. The cameras are manufactured in
Germany and come with a 2 year warranty.

of applications includecar safety testing, airbag behavior analysis, automotive
component testing, crash & sledge test, super slow motion movie clips, short
time physics, spray analysis, hyper velocity impact studies, material testing, tensile
tests, airbag inflation, fast flow visualization, spray imaging, hydrodynamics,
fuel injection, sparks in electronic switches, combustion imaging, fast events
in nature and industry.

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