New lubrication-free lead screw nuts from Treotham

Treotham presents a new range of lead screw nuts from
igus made from the special iglidur E7 material for precise adjustment.

High helix and trapezoidal lead screws are used in
various applications from camera lens to train doors, and anything that
requires precise adjustment. The lead screw units traditionally consist of two
components: the lead screw and the associated nut. At high speeds, lead screw
nuts made of standard plastics or metallic alternatives often reach their
limits, resulting in vibrations and noise.

igus’ expanded range of lead screw nuts made from iglidur
E7 is characterised by its smooth and low-vibration operation with low loads
and high speed. With matching materials and geometries, the new lead screw nuts
and the patented igus dryspin high helix thread technology provide optimum
linear drive.

The lead screw nuts are specifically designed for
high-speed applications with low loads and small installation space such as in
fully automatic coffee machines, 3D printers or even laboratory technology.

The new iglidur E7 lead screw nut is made of a softer,
high-performance polymer that permanently incorporates solid lubricants,
eliminating the need for external lubricants such as oils and grease. The new
material reduces noise and also acts as a vibration-dampening device with long
service life proven by the igus test laboratory. The in-house wear comparison
test between iglidur E7 and the igus standard material for lead screw nuts
showed that the iglidur E7 lead screw nut at 135 revolutions per minute and a
load of 100 Newton has four times higher wear resistance on a high helix lead
screw and 19 times better wear resistance on a trapezoidal lead screw.

Additionally, igus has introduced ‘dryspin’, an
optimised and patented high helix lead screw range matched to igus’ lead screw
nuts. Key features include flat flank angle, asymmetric geometry and rounded
tooth flanks, which ensure higher efficiency and quiet low friction operation.

The handy online tool lead screw module expert from igus allows the user to assemble the appropriate
linear drive including nut with just a few clicks.

Please visit the Treotham Automation website or call 1300 65 75 64.

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