Eragel Providing Comfort

Both Eragels are
2 component system Eragel ZR is
based on TDI polyether chemistry while Eragel
is based on MDI Polyether chemistry.
Convenient mix ratios mean Both Eragels
can easily be mixed by hand or machine and can be readily processed and cured
at room temperature.

(The product contains a residual tackiness after cure.)

By changing the ratio of the two components, you can have
soft gels ranging from 25 Shore A hardness to as soft as 9 Shore 00, depending
on what you need for your particular application!

Suitable applications for Eragel ZR include:

  • Anti
    Fatigue Mats
  • Cushioning
  • Gel
    Cushions for ladies shoes
  • Gel Filled
    Bike Seat
  • Gel Filled
    Mouse pads to reduce repetitive strain injury
  • Impact
  • Keyboard
    Wrist Rests
  • Motorcycle
  • Padding
    Parts for Medical Devices
  • Shoe Inner
  • Sports Shoe
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