Small Animal Ventilator

The SAR-1000 small animal ventilator is CWE Inc’s newest and most advanced ventilator for mice, rats, and other small animals for in vivo research, preclinical drug development, surgery and long-duration studies.

The SAR-1000 small animal ventilator follows in the tradition of CWE Inc’s ever popular SAR-830 series, which has been an international standard for over twenty years. They have incorporated the latest in digital control and advanced sensor technology to produce their easiest-to- use and most accurate ventilator yet. All settings such as respiratory rate, tidal volume, end-inspiratory pressure, I/E ratio, and more, are set directly from the front panel. All user-settings and computed measurements (such as Minute Ventilation) are clearly displayed on the backlit LCD panel. 

A LED pressure bar graph shows instantaneous airway pressure for easy monitoring of ventilator operation.

Features include pressure or volume cycled ventilation, wide tidal volume & rate range, safe with Oxygen & anaesthesia, has built-in auto-SIGH function and multi-animal set-ups are available.

Benefits are direct setting of VT, MV, & other resp. parameters, extensive remote-control capabilities are built-in and there is an optional expansion to larger animals.

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