Weather ready rugged embedded computers

Crystal Group has introduced a new
range of rugged embedded computers designed specifically for reliable computing
in volatile environments. Crystal Group is a leading designer and manufacturer
of rugged computer hardware.

Offering a lightweight, compact and
scalable solution, Crystal Group’s RE1312 rugged embedded computers are
recommended for environments where traditional off-the-shelf computer hardware
cannot withstand the shock, vibrations, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures
typically found in weather radar observation and remote sensing stations.

One of Crystal Group’s solutions
for climate, weather and hydro-meteorological applications, the rugged computer
features a 1U compact carbon fibre composition construction for low SWaP, and
powerful Dual or Quad Core i7 CPU options or 6 core Xeon D processor.

Key features of the RE1312 rugged
embedded computers also include wide operating temperature range from -40¡C to +60¡C
with 18V to 36V DC input; and a tough carbon fibre composite frame serving
simultaneously as the entire system’s structural backbone and EMI shield.

Crystal Group’s solutions serve
diverse industries from transportation, aviation, military and marine to oil
and gas and energy distribution sectors.

The Crystal Group is represented in Australia and New Zealand by

For further information, please visit the Metromatics website or call (07)

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