SINTRONES’ new ABOX-5200 fanless box PCs for smart solutions

Backplane Systems Technology introduces a brand new ABOX-5200 fanless
box computer from SINTRONES. Designed for a variety of demanding environments
and applications in surveillance and field control systems, the new fanless box
computer utilises the outstanding performance of new Intel Coffee Lake 8th Gen
technology to effectively support autonomous vehicles, factory automation, and
license plate recognition.

Customers can take advantage of the ABOX-5200’s high performance and
cost-effective benefits; the fanless box PC can be adapted to various
industrial requirements, including but not limited to, smart solutions (Smart
Patrol, Smart Factory Automation Control System), surveillance systems (Bus
Surveillance Fleet Management, Outdoor Video Surveillance Systems), and visual
management (Police Car Automatic License Plate Recognition, Vision Control

SINTRONES’ new ABOX-5200 fanless box computer is powered by an Intel 8th
Gen Core i7/i5/i3 CPU with 10x GbE/3x COM/3x DP/4x USB 3.0/9-48V AI GPU computing.
It can provide high computing performance for graphics processing by harnessing
the power of its GPU. The ABOX-5200 is engineered using dual hot swappable SATA
Storage RAID 0,1,5.

The new fanless box computer can continuously process deep learning AI
operations and support end-to-end deep learning solutions, which play a vital
role for automation solutions and autonomous vehicles. The principle is to focus
the high performance on processing numerous data-streams in and from sensors,
including cameras and radars. ABOX-5200 computing technology is a perfect fit
for connected smart patrol, smart factories, police cars, automatic license
plate recognition, and artificial intelligence.

The ABOX-5200 has 10x GbE LAN (optional for 8x PoE), 8x GPI, 4x GPO and
3x RS-232/422/485 and 9-48VDC input, and a wide range operating temperature of
-40¡C~70¡C that can be employed in extreme weather conditions. Key features
also include 3x display ports with maximum resolution of 4096×2304@60Hz; support
for LTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS; and TPM 2.0.

For further information, please visit the Backplane Systems Technology website or call (02)
9457 6400.

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