SINTRONES’ new ABOX-5100 Series for AI GPU computers

Backplane Systems Technology introduces the new ABOX-5100 Series from SINTRONES
featuring AI GPU compute functionality. The new ABOX-5100 Series fanless box
computers find application in AI-related fields such as AI deep learning and
virtual reality in data centres, in the cloud, and on devices driving the
adoption of industrial automation, intelligent customer experiences,
self-driving vehicles, and intelligent transportation.

The ABOX-5100 Series is powered by a new generation APU (APU=CPU+GPU),
the AMD Ryzen, which can support up to 4 CPU cores, 8 threads, and 4
DisplayPort 1.4 cables. Key features also include the AMD E9260 or the Nvidia
GTX-1050TI with its GPU following Vega GPU architecture; three full-size mini-PCIe
slots for internal expansion and one M.2 A-E Key 2230 for WiFi/GPS/4G LTE also
available; wide 9-48VDC input range with Intelligent Power Management allowing timed
delay settings for powering on/off; completely fanless design; support for MXM
Version 3.1 Type A and PCIe x8 interfaces; operating temperature of -40¡C to +70¡C;
and storage temperature range of -40¡C to +80¡C.

Deep learning relies on GPU acceleration, which the ABOX-5100 Series
delivers with a small footprint while being fully operable in harsh
environments, making it an ideal choice for industrial automation,
transportation, and smart city applications. The new ABOX-5100 Series can be
applied to a scalable AI car platform, spanning the entire autonomous driving

The ability to connect computing systems to deep learning and affordable
sensors has enhanced autonomous machines – IoT with Artificial Intelligence.
Such power will enable a new wave of automation in various industries through Intelligent
Transportation Systems, Intelligent Automation Systems, and Smart Patrol for
Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).

For further information, please visit the Backplane Systems Technology
website or call (02)
9457 6400.

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