Rugged computer for demanding environments

Crystal Group
has introduced the RE1218M Rugged Embedded
Computer, a robust performance processor
that is engineered
for high-end workstations and/or
storage capability in
demanding environments especially
where size, weight and
power (SWaP) is a concern.

The RE1218M was designed
to replace existing embedded
solutions with modern
sixth generation Intel Corei7 processing capability, while maintaining legacy installation foot print and
profile dimensions.
is said to have been improved, which is claimed to reduce acoustic emissions. It is also said to have greater flexibility to meet power input and expansion I/O requirements while preserving SWaP and
cost of the legacy hardware.

The unit can handle up to eight 6.35cm solid state drives, one PCI 2×16 expansion card, and may be mounted in any orientation, making
it suitable for space-challenged applications that require high-end
performance and/or storage capability.

This rugged embedded
computer features options for
an Intel Haswell, XeonD, or
Skylake processor, and
up to128GB of
DDR4ECC on-board memory.
system is lightweight and rugged, conforming
to MIL-STD-810F (516) for
vibration and
can handle 20G of
functional shock for 11msec.

The device can be tray- or fixed-mounted and
supports expansion for
1x PCIe3.0 x16 while offering
rugged MIL-C-26482 military circular connectors,
and is compatible with
Windows 10, Redhat6.5/6.6, Windows Server 2008, 2012 and VMWare.

The unit measures H 10.4x W 26x D 36.6cm excluding
connectors, and is cooled
by quiet, high-speed, high-volume thermostatically controlled fans. The RE1218M is available in
a lightweight aluminium chassis weighing between 6.6 and 7.2kilos depending
on card content. It is designed for full
performance at extended
operational temperature ranges between
-40¡C to+60¡C.

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