NextComputing incorporates next gen Intel processors

NextComputing has recently announced the
incorporation of Intel’s newest Intel Core i7 processors into its work

Also known as the Broadwell-E series, these
new processors will be in NextComputing gear such as the Radius Edge portable workstation, or high-density Nucleus 1U and Nucleus 2U rackmount systems. This means you don’t
have to sacrifice portability or space for performance or vice versa.

At the heart of the line-up
is the 14 nm “Broadwell-E” silicon available in six-, eight-, and ten-core
layouts. NextComputing will be offering all four processor options from the
series. These include the Intel Core
i7-6950X Processor Extreme Edition, Intel Core i7-6900K Processor, Intel Core
i7-6850K Processor and the Intel Core i7-6800K Processor

With a processor that
has up to 10 cores and 20 threads, you can do it all. A 35 percent improvement in
multi-threaded 3D rendering speed versus the previous generation. Up to 2x
better multi-threaded 3D-rendering performance versus Intel’s latest 4 core
processor. Experience fast video encoding, image rendering, audio production, and
real-time previews at a great resolution.

Applications for these
processors include:

  • HD
    video capture and recording
  • High-performance
    software development
  • VMware
    vSphere-based application virtualisation platform
  • Mobile
    server applications
  • Medical
    and scientific simulation and visualisation
  • Game
    development and rendering servers
  • Mobile
    professional application trainingComplex
    imagery, 3D, and large dataset processing
  • Product
    and proof-of-concept demos

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