New rugged 1.5U server maximising reliability of military systems

Crystal Group introduces a new rugged 1.5U server designed to boost the
performance, readiness and availability of essential military systems. Crystal
Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of rugged computer hardware.

The new RS1.533S18G rugged 1.5U server is specifically engineered to
meet modern military needs for high-performance, highly reliable computing in
extreme operating environments. Providing an immediate, low-risk upgrade for existing
combat and electronic warfare servers currently employed in Virginia-class
submarines, the rugged servers feature a modern open-architecture system in an
all-aluminium chassis with internal cross-braces and stabilised components to
withstand high shock and vibration.

The flexibility and scalability of the RS1.533S18G allows military
installations to meet current and future needs with dual Intel processors, up
to 512GB of DDR4 memory, up to nine removable solid-state disks (SSDs), and USB
3.0, audio, and Gigabit LAN interfaces.

The RS1.533S18G rugged 1.5U server offers an immediate, cost-effective,
drop-in replacement requiring no physical, electrical, or software
modifications, while delivering improved reliability, greater weapon system
availability, superior cooling, and a smaller integrated logistic support
footprint to maintain operational readiness well into the future.

The RS1.533S18G is designed, meticulously manufactured, and tested to
provide a low-risk path for military technology insertion, sustainment, and
modernisation programs to improve mission uptime and system availability in the
field and at the tactical edge. Measuring just 45.72cm deep and weighing 11.34kg
to 13.6kg, the new rack-mount server quickly and easily replaces aging systems
in 1.5U/1U configurations.

The Crystal Group is represented in Australia and New Zealand by

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