Honeywell CV41 vehicle mount computers minimising disruption

Gamma Solutions introduces the Honeywell CV41 vehicle mount computer
recommended for forklift applications.

Providing the ideal balance of operator usability, application
performance, and ease of deployment and maintenance, Honeywell CV41 vehicle mount
computers are perfectly sized for use with forklifts, simplifying installation,
reducing visual obstruction and ensuring ease of operation with a glove
compatible keyboard and a 20cm display.

The Honeywell CV41 offers the accuracy, productivity and safety of
hands-free voice directed work, and is the only Windows CE vehicle mount
computer on the market with Vocollect VoiceCatalyst.

A fully integrated CAN-BUS interface allows leading fleet management
applications to be run and helps the fleet operator gain better visibility into
their forklift investment to maximise utilisation.

Key features also include on/off ignition sensing allowing workers to minimise
starting up times; UPS back-up battery with up to 30 minutes of operating time,
reducing reconnect and reboot time; unique quick-mount dock design allowing for
easy, one-hand docking and undocking of the device; and comprehensive network
options including 802.11 a/b/g with Cisco CCXv4 certification and integrated
Bluetooth to offer best-in-class wireless range, roaming reliability and
security, even in areas experiencing low signal levels or intermittent

Honeywell CV41 vehicle mount computers also feature tight integration
with scanners/imagers, printers, RFID, device management and client software,
enabling easy deployment into the operation.

The CV41 operates across a wide temperature range from -30¡C to +50¡C,
and also supports an optional touchscreen defroster for cold storage and
freezer environments. Built to maximise ruggedness and minimise downtime, the
CV41 includes user-replaceable touchscreen and keyboard assemblies.

Paul Pleming, National Sales Manager at Gamma Solutions adds that the CV41’s
versatility, ruggedness and ability to keep workers going through switching
machines and low connectivity make it one of the best forklift devices on the

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