Paperless quality assurance with Pervidi inspection software

Quality Assurance (QA) is integral to the operation of any organisation
and promises customers that they will receive the best possible goods or
service defect-free. With QA in place through the right strategies and
processes, a company can create a culture of high standards, build its
reputation in the market and develop a loyal client base.

Quality assurance is defined as “part of quality management focused on
providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled”. ISO9000 is
the internationally recognised quality management system standard.

Pervidi inspection software allows companies and organisations to
implement procedures that inspect products or services and ensure that quality
assurance goals are met.

Paperless Quality Assurance

Quality assurance processes may vary with the nature, size, extent, or
complexity of a project, service or product. Using a paperless inspection application
can help companies speed up the process, eliminate errors and increase

Digital inspection applications on mobile devices and tablets represent
an efficient way to automate inspections for recording quality assurance,
replacing the antiquated and time-consuming method of paper-based inspections,
which may lead to errors when documenting and communicating data. Paperless
inspection software facilitates the recording of quality assurance, taking into
account the corrective actions, the desirable outcome and assessments
undertaken by the clientele in a diverse range of professions and fields.

Unlike rigid paper-based inspection processes, paperless inspection
software can be customised to fit the specialised requirements of each
business, complete with personalised checklists and templates. Digital
paperless inspection software has the capability to address requirements as
prescribed by regulatory standards including performing inspections
periodically, and testing and adjusting existing equipment to fulfil the
requirements of the relevant standard.

Pervidi’s Quality Assurance

The highly interactive paperless inspection software from Pervidi helps
field inspection personnel customise checklists and reports; capture and
annotate photos of the final product; direct communication to the office
database in real time; convert speech to text for easy additional data
collection; use integrated barcodes and RFID for quick identification; view
reference material on the mobile device; and apply electronic signatures, date,
time and GPS stamps.

The refined features of Pervidi inspection software allow the necessary
quality assurance tasks to be performed, recorded and communicated in an
efficient and organised way, eliminating tedious paperwork and significantly
reducing human errors.

Quality Assurance on Mobile

Pervidi paperless inspection software is readily available to access on
any handheld mobile devices, from smartphones (both Apple and Android) to
tablets and iPads, allowing quality assurance to be manageable, accessible and
user-friendly in real time.

Designed for ease of use, Pervidi software enables personnel to conduct
quality assurance activities in the field and record data using their mobile
devices. Once the software is installed on the mobile device, the employee will
be able to conduct mobile digital inspections and take advantage of various
device features including camera, on-screen annotation, speech-to-text and
automatic date/time stamps.

Benefits of using Pervidi for Quality

The Pervidi paperless inspection software allows the employee to take
photographs and integrate the image with specification data without additional ‘manual’
procedures. For instance, quality assurance personnel can take photos, ‘doodle’
on the images as required, and assign the picture to the appropriate line item
on their work QA form in a few clicks.

Additionally, the QA inspector can produce reports with embedded photos;
use the speech-to-text feature to enter comments; list all information required
by a technician to perform their tasks, including task list, activities,
instructions and references to relevant codes and policies; and simplify data
collection by standardising functions and drop-down lists.

Pervidi paperless inspection software is available through Techs4Biz Australia.

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