New Wenglor VisionApp 360 software simplifying object measurement

Three-dimensional and software-aided object measurement holds enormous
potential for industrial users. Wenglor offers specialised expertise in 3D
profile measurement, with their latest solution, the VisionApp 360 software
eliminating time-consuming and costly programming work for the user.

The VisionApp 360 software makes it possible to combine individual
output values (point clouds) from up to 16 sensors into a coordinate system.
Comprehensive 360¡ images and recordings of 3D profiles can, therefore, be
implemented without any programming knowledge. Thanks to the convenient user
interface, the sensors can be synchronised and calibrated by means of simple configuration
of parameters, eliminating any programming complexity.

Objects to be measured can be circular, oval or angular, and used in a
diverse range of applications. For example, the VisionApp 360 software is used
to measure the exact profiles of railway rails using four profile sensors at
the same time; the software is also being used successfully in combination with
2D/3D sensors for the precise measurement of tree trunks at sawmills, and in
the automotive industry for measuring gaps between auto body parts.

The sensors can be set up in any desired arrangement. For example, they
can be arranged next to each other in a circle or a line. A calibration layout
with corners can be arranged freely for the application. Measured values are
read out via a TCP interface as a combined point cloud, which can then be
processed with additional software tools in order to obtain the desired

VisionApp 360 can be used together with all of the products of the
weCat3D range available from Treotham.

For more information, please visit the Treotham Automation website or call 1300 65 75 64.

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