ICP Electronics Australia Presents ICP DAS’s PCIe-8620 PCI Express, Simultaneously Sampled AI Board with 4-ch Isolated DIO

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s PCIe-8620, which is a bus-type, isolated high-speed Analog Input board with isolated DI/O. The simultaneously sampled AD offers a mix of up to 8 single-ended 16-bit Analog Input channels with a 2 k Sample hardware FIFO. All channels feature a programmable input range of ±10 V or ±5 V with a sampling rate up to 200 kS/s per channel. The PCIe-8620 provides 4 isolated Digital Input channels and 4 isolated Digital Output channels. The isolation range of the board has been increased to 2500 VDC, making it one of the most cost-effective solutions when considering isolated AD with DI/O boards.

PCIe-8620 also includes a second-order anti-alias analog filter where the -3 dB frequency for the ±5 V input range is typically 15 kHz and is typically 23 kHz for the ±10 V input range.

The PCIe-8620 is a low-profile PCI Express board that is suitable for computers with limited space and is also suitable for standard-size computers since the board is shipped with both full-height and low-profile brackets.

• PCI Express x1 Interface, Full-Profile or Low-Profile
• 4-channel Isolated Digital Input
• 4-channel Isolated Digital Output
• 8 Single-Ended Analog Input channels

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