ICP Electronics Australia Presents ICP DAS’s G-4510 Power Saving PAC with Solar Charger and Optional Communication Module

ICP Australia is proud to introduce ICP DAS’s G-4510 Power Saving PAC with Solar Charger and Optional Communication Module.

The G-4510 series are M2M (Machine to Machine) Power Saving PAC with a solar charger. It can be used in hydrologic monitoring or mudslide monitoring system. G-4510 can be used for wireless data transmission and other functions through its optional 4G / NB communication module. With an optional GPS model, the G-4510 can also be a GPS tracking system for vehicle management or maritime system. The features of the G-4510 series: Solar charger, Ethernet interface, optional GPS module, optional 4G/NB communication module, 3 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs, 8 analog inputs, 1 relay output.

Lastly, in terms of installation, the G-4510 allows DIN-Rail and Wall Mount as options. Also, the G-4510 can survive tough environmental conditions as it has a wide operating temperature range of -20 ~ +70 °C and a metal casing to protect the device when deployed.

• Embedded MiniOS7, Anti-Virus
• Solar Charger for Lead Acid Battery
• 4G Modem: EC21-AU (option), EC25-E (option)
• NB Modem: BG96 (option)
• 10/100 Base-TX Compatible Ethernet Controller
• COM Port: COM1 (5-wire RS232), COM2 (RS-485)
• I/O: 3 DI, 3 DO, 8 AI, 1 Relay DO
• Support SD Card
• 128*64 Dots LCM display (option)
• GPS: 32 Channels with All-In-View tracking (option)
• Support TCP, UDP Client Connection Over 4G LTE
• High Reliability in Harsh Environments
• DIN-Rail Mountable

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