APLEX’s ARCHMI Series fanless panel PCs

Backplane Systems Technology introduces APLEX’s ARCHMI Series of fanless
panel PCs featuring an aluminium construction and a die-cast back cover design
for efficient heat dissipation. The ARCHMI
Series fanless computers have a flat bezel design that allows the user to
perform gestures in the screen corner with zero obstacles.

Key features of the ARCHMI Series fanless panel PCs include VESA and panel
mountable design to suit floor plan and space arrangement; front panel is IP65
certified waterproof and IP69K compliant when panel mounted, extending the application
even further in the automation industry; no SATA cable with the solid state
hard drive (SSD) directly connected to the board, with easy access from the
back cover to support quick hard drive swaps; and expansion board available to
support extra slots and ports such as USB, serial ports, mini PCIE slots, and
even SIM card slots, allowing more PLC capacity per system and requiring fewer
systems to be deployed in the field.

The panel computers come with extremely flexible options and sizes to
suit individual requirements; the sizes range from 7″ to 21.5″, from
a low power consumption Cedarview/ Baytrail chipset to a high performance
Haswell chipset. The ARCHMI Series is being used in a wide range of IoT
applications worldwide.

A Taiwanese high school, for instance, is using the ARCHMI-810P to
support the start-up of a new ‘smart school’. As a perfect hardware HMI
controller, it helps the school check and measure energy consumption by air
conditioners. Based on the weather conditions, the ARCHMI-810P uses predictive
analytics to adjust energy usage to reduce carbon emissions and increase
eco-efficiency. The ARCHMI-810P I/O support includes 2x USB3.0, 2x COM port, 2x
LAN port, extra functionalities via TB-528 series expansion cards, and wireless
4G LTE/GPS/BT module smart battery UPS.

The ARCHMI Series comes with built-in Atom N2600/D2550/E3845, Celeron
N2930, Core i3/i5 CPU; onboard 4G DDR3 RAM; optional resistive and capacitive
touch screen; and easy-access SATA drive bay.

For further information, please visit the Backplane Systems Technology
website www.backplane.com.au or call
(02) 9457 6400.

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